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Called TRADITIUM™, this next generation of monuments is a personalized, durable, waterproof and safe alternative for disposing of the ashes of your loved one. The monument is installed on a lot in the cemetery, the ashes are inserted inside and the whole is sealed thanks to the ultra-secure TRADITIUM™ locking system. All TRADITIUM™ products are protected by copyright and trademark, patents and industrial designs.

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Model comparison

Transportable Solid bronze Designed for
Small 14" | 1 Door
1 urn
Medium 14" | 1 Door
1-2 urns
Large 18" | 1 Door
2 urns
18" | 1 Door with half serp
2 urns
Double 39" | 2 Doors
2-4 urns
Triple 54" | 3 Doors
3-6 urns